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The Olive Prime Centre; first of its kind in Nigeria is committed to providing individuals with a flexible pathway towards full recovery by providing hours, days and weeks of structured support as well as psychoeducation about substance use and mental disorders right in our facility and in the comfort of your home. It is the first outpatient recovery center in Nigeria that adopts evidence-based protocol in the management and treatment of substance use disorder and mental health issues, however, also provide inpatient services. Overall, The Olive Prime Centre is an outcome driven service.

Our programs are designed to deliver outstanding outcomes for service users by meeting their full recovery goals. We are committed to developing, adopting innovative therapies and complementary activities.

TOP is established to provide optimal psychotherapeutic services in the management of mental and behavioral problems. It also serves as a half way home program for those who just finished their inpatient care and want to evaluate their strengths and coping skills after discharge.

The Olive Prime hopes to create a lively center that is geared towards providing intensive and multidisciplinary approach to care. The focus of this coordinated rehabilitation program is to assist patients to achieve optimal level of functioning and develop refined life skills necessary to resume life roles and full participation in what makes life meaningful.

In TOPs we adopt an individualized, comprehensive, flexible program which meets the individual needs of patients while allowing them to transition to their home each evening. It is also designed to complement the initial rehabilitation by aiding the inpatients transition back home, to work and the community at large.

Care Pathway
The Olive Prime

Care Pathway

For patients who are still struggling with substance use and wish to quit; or are in low motivation and need full support away from home, we offer inpatient care.

On the other hand, we also offer Outpatient treatment which is appropriate for those whose condition is sufficiently stable, whose symptoms are mild, and are willing to participate in the treatment plan. Our care focuses on 3 key areas. Kindly refer to the resources section for:

  • Mental Health Services
  • The Olive Prime Centre provides a comprehensive and integrated network of recovery oriented rehabilitative services to individuals with serious and persistent mental illness. We provide a therapeutic Programme that has been co-produced with our service users to identify their needs, develop a care plan, and work towards goal and review progress. These services support people with enduring mental health problems to build sustainable coping strategies, break social isolation, and promote social inclusion through meaningful activities that build networks and training that lead to employment. These services include:

  • * Psychogeriatric
  • * HIV Counselling
  • * Sports Counselling
  • * IDP Counselling
  • * First Responders and Armed Forces Counselling
  • * Counselling for the disabled

  • Addiction Treatment services
  • We offer a range of programs of different durations and types, all aimed at treating all forms of drug addiction (which includes alcoholism). Our target for you is lifelong recovery from your substance abuse problem. The first thing to say about our treatment is that you will feel safe and comfortable, very well supported by the staff and your peers, and we will keep you busy!

  • Home Treatment Services
  • We also offer an alternative service to the inpatient and outpatient care, a service that accepts that mental health difficulties cannot be isolated from an individual’s social system. The key features of this pathway are that, it will be mobile, provide a rapid response and act as a gatekeeper to either inpatient services or the other care pathway provided in the centre.

    The aim of the service is to provide an immediate assessment and treatment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to individuals experiencing mental health crisis including substance misuse. As far as possible this service would be provided in the persons’ own environment with minimal disruption to their normal routine. The team will support individuals who have severe and enduring mental health disorders who need active treatment and care for the necessary time scale to meet recovery.

  • Safe Place
  • At TOPS we have psychologically equipped rooms for patients who are unsafe or who find themselves vulnerable in a high-risk situation or period. These individuals can come into the facility at any time they feel unsafe. During this period, they have access to a psychologist who helps them through this period and they can leave immediately the feeling of ‘am safe’ sets in.

  • Crisis response
  • TOP provides a 24-hours accessible point of refuge for people who find themselves vulnerable in High-risk situation. We have established protocol for responding to clients experiencing a mental health crisis which assures the availability of appropriately trained and qualified staff to address the crisis. We also have the capacity to manage psychiatric crisis, crisis intervention, crisis stabilization, or other specialty mental health services necessary to address the client's urgent or emergency psychiatric condition.

Our Facility

The Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy room
The one-on-one therapy room

What we do

We take pride in the quality of support we offer in a feel safe and comfortable environment alongside many well experienced staff and other partner organizations that provides some specialist services.

Experience a flexible structured day Programme for optimal psychological wellbeing.