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Welcome To The Olive Prime

The day to day demands across the spheres of our existence from family to work, among others can take a toll on what we can bear mentally, and we deserve to seek for and receive help because these daily demands can lead to stressors which can result in a range of problems such as substance abuse and mental illnesses.

At The Olive Prime Psychological services (TOPs), we are aware of the dynamics of being human and we understand that life can go beyond what we can bear, triggering a need to be supported and understood, therefore, we are committed to support service users (which refers to clients or patients) to experience a more realistic, flexible and full recovery, even as it concerns addictions and mental illnesses.

TOPs runs an individual-need-specific programme where service users are exposed to a variety of therapeutic and psycho-social related groups designed to support, inform and stimulate in order to achieve optimal psychological functioning decked with a flexible pathway towards full recovery by providing hours, days and weeks of structured support.

Our treatment approach is multidisciplinary delivered in a safe and comfortable environment alongside experienced staff and other partner organizations that provide some specialist services, and combines a range of therapy groups including individual therapy, group therapy, 12-step mutual support group, specialized sessions and family therapy. We also offer complementary services like Arts and Craft groups, Recreational therapies, Vocational Support, Drama therapy, Entrepreneurship, and Information and Technology programs.

Why Olive Prime?

Why A Day Rehab

The Olive Prime Services is established to provide premium services in the form our inpatient and outpatient services in the management of mental and behavioural problems. It also serves as a transitional program for service users who just finished their inpatient care and still want to evaluate their strengths and coping skills after discharge.

In recent times, the number of individuals struggling with drug addiction and stress related issues have increased significantly. Some of these individuals will prefer to continue a largely unimpeded work, school, or home life while seeking help in the form of treatment.

Facilities like ours that provide both Inpatient and day treatment services that will require individuals experiencing substance-use disorders and other mental illnesses to come in for some hours of the day to attend individual and group sessions, or to be reviewed by the multidisciplinary team, and return to work or home as the case may be, have not been known to form the structure of the rehabilitation centres running in Nigeria. Many individuals have tried seeking help that is tailored around their activities, but finding a centre that renders such a service in this clime has proven difficult.

In the developing part of the world where individuals are hesitant to access mental health services coupled with the fear of stigmatization connected with being confined in a mental health centre, which on the long run may affect their self-image, our professionally tailored services help to solve this problem.

An advantage of the combined services we offer is that pre-relapse signs are picked up and managed before it eventually occurs. Our treatment plan adequately guides patients through the journey of recovery. With the combined application of both inpatient and day rehab frameworks the concept of relapse may never surface again as it would be regarded as “slip”, as service users may in the course of the treatment be exposed to probable triggers while treatment is on-going and every slip will be used as part of the treatment framework.

The Olive Prime Centre; first of its kind in Nigeria is committed to providing individuals with a flexible pathway towards full recovery by providing hours, days and weeks of structured support as well as psychoeducation about substance use and mental disorders right in our facility and in the comfort of your home. It is the first recovery centre in Nigeria that adopts both inpatient and outpatient evidence-based protocol in the management and treatment of substance use disorder and mental health issues. The Olive Prime Centre is an outcome driven service.

Our programs are designed to deliver outstanding outcomes for service users by meeting their full recovery goals. We are committed to developing, adopting innovative therapies and complementary activities.

TOP is established to provide optimal psychotherapeutic services in the management of mental and behavioral problems. It also serves as a half way home program for those who just finished their inpatient care and want to evaluate their strengths and coping skills after discharge.

The Olive Prime hopes to create a lively centre that is geared towards providing intensive and multidisciplinary approach to care. The focus of this coordinated rehabilitation program is to assist patients to achieve optimal level of functioning and develop refined life skills necessary to resume life roles and full participation in what makes life meaningful.

In TOPs we adopt an individualized, comprehensive, flexible program which meets the individual needs of patients while allowing them to transition to their home each evening. It is also designed to complement the initial rehabilitation by aiding the inpatients transition back home, to work and the community at large.

Experience a flexible structured day Programme for optimal psychological wellbeing.

Why Choose Us?

We take pride in the quality of support we offer in a feel safe and comfortable environment alongside many well experienced staff....
and other partner organizations that provides some specialist services.

The Olive Prime Family Clinic

Why A Day Rehab

The Olive Prime Family Clinic is a program borne out of the desire to build capacities of family members and the general public to support and influence healthy recovery of those recovering from addiction or substance use disorders and those who require professional help for suspected substance-related problems to seek appropriate and timely help.

Our experience at the Olive Prime Premium Psychological Services over the past years of mental health service delivery has been very robust and revealing. This has given us the opportunity to relate closely with the assertion that addiction is a family disease. This is because when one member of the family becomes addicted to substance(s), it directly or indirectly affects every other member of the family physically, psychologically, emotionally and financially, causing enormous distortions in the family’s dynamics.